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Co-Hosted By the City of San Jose

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Co-Hosted By the City of San Jose

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Hotel Accommodations

  The Genesee Grande Hotel is the official hotel of the Go Green Earth Summit. To Secure a room, either call reservations at 1-800-365-HOME(4663) or 315-476-4212, or visit their website at
  When making reservations be sure to
mention the code “0810gogree” to receive the discounted room rate. In order to secure this discounted room rate, reservations must be made by September 16, 2008. The room rate for Go Green Initiative guests is $99 per night, plus applicable taxes, for October 16, 17 and 18.


  The Genesee Grande Hotel is located in the heart of Syracuse’s historic University Hill neighborhood. The Genesee Grande provides complimentary shuttle service to and from Syracuse Hancock International Airport, just 10 minutes away.

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2008 Earth Summit

Summit Highlights

  • National environmental education experts share proven methods of incorporating “green” concepts into the classroom without adding instructional minutes

    2008 Earth Summit
  • Subject matter experts in energy management and recycling discuss partnerships that can make any campus a role model in stewardship

  • Federal, state and local government officials conduct “town hall” meetings to answer questions about programs available to schools at no cost

  • International speakers talk about the effect the Go Green Initiative is having in Africa and Mexico, and what U.S. schools can learn from them

  • Go Green Initiative “veterans” reveal their methods for acquiring funding, grants and other creative ways to finance their Go Green Goals

  • Exhibits featuring the latest products and services to help you make your school “green”

  • Click here for the complete 2008 Earth Summit Schedule of Speakers.

Summit Headliners

  • Jill Buck, Founder and Executive Director of the Go Green Initiative

    Jill Buck “21st Century Environmental Leaders...From Birkenstocks to Blackberries, We’re Changing the World!”

    Jill Buck is a mother of three, and a former U.S. Naval Officer who wrote the Go Green Initiative (GGI) on her kitchen table in 2002. Since that time, the GGI has become the worldwide leader in environmental education. From Beijing to Baltimore, she is a highly sought-after consultant, speaker and media personality on topics ranging from green business practices to economically-feasible environmental public policy. Her passion is to ensure all children inherit a healthy and safe world, and she often says, “All schools prepare our children for the future, but Go Green Initiative schools prepare the future for our children.” Jill has been featured in “Working Mother” and “Women’s Health” magazines, and is the host of ‘Go Green Radio’. What is her secret to success? You’ll have to hear it at the Summit...register today!

  • The Honorable Matthew J. Driscoll, Mayor of Syracuse

    Matthew Driscoll “The ‘Emerald City of New York’: Why Syracuse is an International Leader in Sustainable Living”

    Mayor Driscoll is an environmental trail blazer! Under his leadership, the City of Syracuse has instituted energy, sustainability and environmental initiatives that have placed the City on the International stage. Mayor Driscoll has created a culture of accountability and conservation by instituting an innovative performance-based program called SyraStat. In its first year alone, it saved $13.75 million, and was awarded New York State’s Best Practices model. Clearly, Mayor Driscoll is putting the “Eco” in Economic Development!

  • David Refkin

    Michael Levine “Recycling Programs That Really Work!”

    David Refkin is the Director of Sustainable Development at Time Incorporated, and serves as the Board President of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). In this position, he has ‘seen it all’ when it comes to recycling programs across the U.S., and will share the inside scoop with Go Green Earth Summit-goers about programs worth replicating…and programs that simply aren’t effective. His speech will help the audience avoid reinventing the wheel and move forward with recycling and conservation methods that are tried and true. David Refkin also serves on the Board of Trustees of the H. John Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment. Summit attendees can look forward to a fantastic Q&A session with one of the nation’s leaders in recycling!

  • Also speaking are:

    • Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chairperson, USBGC
    • Dr. Neal Murphy, President, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
    • Dr. Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Syracuse University
    • Jeff Cooper, President NYSAR3
    • Meg Morris, Past President of the National Recycling Coalition, Director, Environmental Science & Community Affairs for Covanta Energy, and Go Green Initiative Board Member
    • David Hurd, Director of the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education for the Council on the Environment of New York City
    • Maria DeWald, President, New York State PTA
    • Sally Giuffrida, NY State PTA, Environmental Chairperson
    • Sue Rau, NY State PTA
    • Kammy Popiwczak, NY State PTA Central Region Director

Who should attend?

The 2007 International Go Green Earth Summit played host to participants from across the U.S., Europe, Africa and Australia.

Who Should Attend
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Principals
  • Custodians
  • Superintendents
  • School Board Members
  • Professional recyclers
  • Federal, state and local government officials
  • Corporate and small business representatives
  • Media

Environmental and Education Experts Agree…

The Go Green Initiative is the Industry Leader

The Go Green Initiative has been carefully evaluated and endorsed by the National School Boards Association, National Recycling Coalition, 8 State PTA boards, the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the California Resource Recovery Association, the Recycling Alliance of Texas, the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling, and many more.


The Go Green Initiative is the nation’s fastest growing fully comprehensive environmental action plan for schools. By promoting environmental stewardship on campuses from elementary schools through universities, Go Green works to involve families, businesses and local governments in the common goal of protecting human health through environmental stewardship. Since its inception in July 2002, the Go Green Initiative has been implemented in all 50 U.S. states, and in 12 other countries: Canada; Mexico; Bosnia; Cameroon; Greece; India; Indonesia; Macedonia; Netherlands; Philippines; Uganda; and the U.K. There are currently over 1.5 million students and teachers in registered Go Green schools, and our website receives over 2 million hits per month. Best of all, the GGI is free to all schools.

In addition, our ever-growing board of directors are some of the most respected names in the industry. Click here for complete list of our Board of Directors.

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