Chad Hall on Go Green Radio This Week

By: Jill Buck

Ioxus…the next big deal in Energy Storage


Chad HallThis week on Go Green Radio, we'll be talking to an energy storage expert about how this technology could define the 21st century as much as computers defined the 20th century.

We’ve all used battery powered devices, so the concept of storing energy isn’t new. But what IS new is the concept of storing energy in amounts that could power cars, homes, and entire communities. While wind and solar plants soak up the headlines on today’s energy news front, just below the surface of that news is a technology that makes wind and solar viable: energy storage capacity. On today’s show, we’ll talk with the Chief Operating Officer of Ioxus, Chad Hall, who will explain the function and advantage of the ultracapacitor technology that his company utilizes. For those of you who may concerned that this episode will be a bit too “techy” for you…don’t worry, I’ll be bringing the discussion back to the same point we always do at Go Green Radio – how does this technology impact the daily lives of every American? We’ll talk about how energy storage will affect our environment, our economy and our national security. For more information on Ioxus, visit

Go Green Radio airs at 9 a.m. Pacific on Friday, June 11, on If you miss the live broadcast, you can check out the archive at:

2 Respones to “Chad Hall on Go Green Radio This Week” - Jun 15, 10 - 8:03 pm
I'm glad I found you. Sounds like a great topic and looking forward to listening in.

Jill Buck - Jun 16, 10 - 2:20 pm
It was a great show; Chad is so knowledgable! Here is the link to the podcast:

Thanks for listening to Go Green Radio!
Jill Buck

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