WAI is Web Accessibility Initiative – an initiative established by the W3C, defining the standards for creating web pages, which have to be available for many users – in the project participate companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple (the author of WCAG). Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a collection of documents relating to the availability of Internet services, Since 2012 has the status of international standard ISO.

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  3. Avoidance of animated elements (facilities for people suffering from epilepsy) stable graphics, no garish animated effects is one of the advantages of our theme
  4. High contrast mode: ensure optimal readability of the text with one of the three options:

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  1. Night mode – This setting lets you avoid eyestrain.

  1. Width switcher (fixed/fluid) adjust the width of the screen to fit your needs
  2. Font size switcher (3 degrees of font size, which are fixed as a percentage