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Most schools serve lunch, and many serve breakfast, too. There are scores of factors to consider when planning school meals, not the least of which are cost and nutrition. Embedded in the categories of cost and nutrition are issues such as: the energy cost of trucking pre-packaged food over long distances; the cost to dispose of food students don’t eat; the nutritional value of organic vs. pesticide-laden foods; etc. Some of the most important lessons we can teach students about resource conservation and environmental stewardship may very well be taught around the school lunch table.

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Please be advised Telemarketing Scam
Please be advised that our organization is being victimized by telemarketers who are using our name fraudulently. We have filed a formal complaint with the FTC. If you receive a call from telemarketers claiming to represent the Go Green Initiative, please report them to the FTC by calling toll-free at 877-382-4357.
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