School Spotlight: Bishop O’Dowd High School

School Spotlight: Bishop O’Dowd High School

It’s not easy to be chosen as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School, but Bishop O’Dowd high school in Oakland, CA is no ordinary educational institution. According to its mission statement, “Bishop O’Dowd High School seeks… Read More

Environmental Education and the Pope’s Encyclical

When I founded the Go Green Initiative back in 2002, I saw myself as more of a child advocate than an environmentalist. The human health impact of pollution, and the break-neck speed at which our world is consuming… Read More

Growing Blue

Growing Blue® is a fact-based resource, designed to help us find solutions to our water issues now.

Conserve School

With the information from Conserve School, you can learn how to treat your school’s wastewater and get one step closer to a greener school!

National Wildlife Federation

Through this organization you can get all kinds of information about how to keep waters clean:

Why Kids Should Learn About Water, Energy and Food

In science class, kids are taught about the many systems of their bodies, for example: the nervous system, digestive system, and the skeletal system. It is important for them to understand how their bodies work so they can… Read More