The Easiest Way to Increase Money in the Classroom

The Easiest Way to Increase Money in the Classroom

Whether you’re a teacher, principal or parent volunteer, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring each classroom has the necessary supplies to provide students with a great learning experience. Countless hours are spent each year conducting fundraisers, asking… Read More

Local Leaders of the 21st Century

The Local Leaders of the 21st Century is a new program for high school students through the Go Green Initiative. Thanks to a grant from Pleasanton Garbage Service, it is being piloted at Amador Valley High School in… Read More

School Spotlight: Bishop O’Dowd High School

It’s not easy to be chosen as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School, but Bishop O’Dowd high school in Oakland, CA is no ordinary educational institution. According to its mission statement, “Bishop O’Dowd High School seeks… Read More

Student Spotlight: Graphic Novel Inspires Recycling

St. Benedict’s Prep (SBP) was recently featured on 60 Minutes. SBP is an all-boys 7th-12th grade school in the inner city of Newark, NJ. The school is currently run by Alumnus Fr. Edwin Leahy, O.S.B., and has been operated by the… Read More

Letting Teens See Renewable Energy in Action

The Go Green Initiative works hard to provide students with opportunities to learn about how the systems in their communities work. We help them learn about their local energy, water, waste and food systems. One of our recent endeavors… Read More

Teacher Resource on Renewable Energy

Please share this information with K-12 teachers. We have created a fun, science-based 5 minute video using teen actors that explains where renewable energy comes from, how it creates electricity, and why it is beneficial to the environment…. Read More

Environmental Education and the Pope’s Encyclical

When I founded the Go Green Initiative back in 2002, I saw myself as more of a child advocate than an environmentalist. The human health impact of pollution, and the break-neck speed at which our world is consuming… Read More

Energy Express…all aboard!

Wanna fly over the tallest dam in the U.S.?!? Hop aboard the “Energy Express!” “Energy Express” is a live action, scripted comedy for K-12 students that was shot at numerous renewable energy plants. Using teen actors and drone… Read More

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Looking for a way to do something simple, yet substantive, to care for the planet? Save some electricity today. The majority of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels (mostly coal and natural gas),… Read More

Dean of World’s 1st Food Business School Talks Food Innovation & Sustainability

I recently had the good fortune to talk with Will Rosenzweig about the need for food innovation in this country. He is the Dean of the world’s first Food Business School (FBS), just launched by the Culinary Institute of… Read More