The Easiest Way to Increase Money in the Classroom

The Easiest Way to Increase Money in the Classroom

Whether you’re a teacher, principal or parent volunteer, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring each classroom has the necessary supplies to provide students with a great learning experience. Countless hours are spent each year conducting fundraisers, asking… Read More

Environmental Education and the Pope’s Encyclical

When I founded the Go Green Initiative back in 2002, I saw myself as more of a child advocate than an environmentalist. The human health impact of pollution, and the break-neck speed at which our world is consuming… Read More

Dean of World’s 1st Food Business School Talks Food Innovation & Sustainability

I recently had the good fortune to talk with Will Rosenzweig about the need for food innovation in this country. He is the Dean of the world’s first Food Business School (FBS), just launched by the Culinary Institute of… Read More

EAT. DRINK. VOTE. Food Politics in America

In honor of World Food Day, I’m excited to share this interview with Marion Nestle, one of the nation’s most prominent voices on the political forces that drive our food choices, who has authored a new book, Eat… Read More

Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health

With all the news about the spread of Ebola, it is worth taking a critical look at our public health system and whether or not it is equipped to handle the expected rise in infectious diseases associated with… Read More

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) is leading a national movement to improve student performance and the entire educational experience by building the best possible schools. On this episode of Go Green Radio, we were joined by the… Read More

The GGI Planning Guide

The Go Green PlanningGuide is a free pdf you can download that will help you create a Go Green Team, and walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your own campus goals for “going green.”