Student Spotlight: Graphic Novel Inspires Recycling

Student Spotlight: Graphic Novel Inspires Recycling

St. Benedict’s Prep (SBP) was recently featured on 60 Minutes. SBP is an all-boys 7th-12th grade school in the inner city of Newark, NJ. The school is currently run by Alumnus Fr. Edwin Leahy, O.S.B., and has been operated by the… Read More

Green CA Schools and Community Colleges Summit & Expo

The 2015 Green California Schools Summit and Community Colleges Summit will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on October 29-30. The Summit is the largest annual event focused on green programs in the nation’s largest K-12 system… Read More

Teacher Resource on Renewable Energy

Please share this information with K-12 teachers. We have created a fun, science-based 5 minute video using teen actors that explains where renewable energy comes from, how it creates electricity, and why it is beneficial to the environment…. Read More

Environmental Education and the Pope’s Encyclical

When I founded the Go Green Initiative back in 2002, I saw myself as more of a child advocate than an environmentalist. The human health impact of pollution, and the break-neck speed at which our world is consuming… Read More

Growing Blue

Growing Blue® is a fact-based resource, designed to help us find solutions to our water issues now.

Campaign For Environmental Literacy

The Campaign for Environmental Literacy coordinates advocacy campaigns for programs which will restore or expand the federal investment in environmental education. There first two campaigns in 2005 successfully restored $15 million in funding for the only two federal grant-making programs specified… Read More

Cloud Institute

This organization can help your school and community start developing a more sustainable future:

US Fish and Wildlife

Climate change is occurring in our world and US Fish and Wildlife has information that can help you understand what’s happening:

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation can make you aware of what climate change is doing to our world:

Healthy Schools Campaign

This organization has helpful guidelines for creating a green, clean school: