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The Go Green Iniatiative is all about helping schools create a campus-wide culture of conservation. We believe in a teamwork approach that includes students, teachers, parents, custodians…

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“It’s not enough to prepare our children for the future… We must prepare the future for our children.” Jill Buck, founder of the Go Green Initiative. Where will today’s students learn how to manage…

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This is the place to find the latest information that we glean from environmental education experts from across the world. We’ll post the best videos, podcasts, articles and links on a wide range of topics that will serve…

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Our mission

Our mission is:

To provide schools with the tools, training and ongoing support they need to create a “culture of conservation” and natural resource stewardship within their community.

Our Goals are:

To conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Our vision is:

A world where natural resources are equitably available, and all children are healthier as a result of living the principles of the Go Green Initiative.

Recycling and Waste

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Look in the dumpster behind a typical school, and you will likely see a tremendous amount of material that must be removed from campus and placed somewhere else in the community. Some of it may be recyclable, some…

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Most schools serve lunch, and many serve breakfast, too. There are scores of factors to consider when planning school meals, not the least of which are cost and nutrition...

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Scuba divers showing the peace sign underwater

Water is a precious resource that we cannot live without, but it is also a utility cost that is not related to educational enrichment. The more water your school uses, the more money flows away from learning. Naturally...

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Do you know how much money your school spends on energy? Could that money be better used in the classroom, library or computer lab if your school became more energy efficient? Some schools are quick to invest in...

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Generate less waste


Recycle everything that cannot be reused


Educate the community on eco-friendly options


Evaluate the environmental impact of actions


Nourish discussions and activities that integrate environmental education into existing curriculum

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Please be advised Telemarketing Scam
Please be advised that our organization is being victimized by telemarketers who are using our name fraudulently. We have filed a formal complaint with the FTC. If you receive a call from telemarketers claiming to represent the Go Green Initiative, please report them to the FTC by calling toll-free at 877-382-4357.
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