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  • Program (i.e. Sustainability Planning, Operations)
  • Topic or Focus Area (i.e. Solid Waste Reduction, Recycling, Clean Air)
  • Creator / Author (i.e. Go Green Initiative, US EPA)
  • Tool Type (i.e. Toolkit, Audit, Funding)
  • School User (i.e. Green Team, Food Services, Nurse)



Topic or Focus Area

Creator / Author

Tool Type

School User

Water and Health

Information or Map, Lesson Plans

Classroom Air Quality & Learning

Lesson Plans, Training

Food and Environment Pyramid

Guide / Toolkit

Hydration and Cognitive Performance


Water Access in Schools

Checklist, Guide / Toolkit

Reducing Lead in Drinking Water

Checklist, Guide / Toolkit

Starting a District Green Team

Checklist, Guide / Toolkit

5 Strategies to Start a Green Schools Program

Plan, Training

Cafeteria Waste Reduction – Annual Planning

Checklist, Guide / Toolkit

Environmental Equity: Closing the Opportunity Gap in Urban Schools

Guide / Toolkit, Training

Green Team Planning Guide (pg 16)

Checklist, Guide / Toolkit, Plan

Evaluating Environmental Impact (pg 12-14)

Audit, Guide / Toolkit, Plan

Compost planning (pg 5)

Guide / Toolkit

Negotiating with Your Waste Hauler (Appendix A)

Guide / Toolkit, Purchasing

Recycling planning (pg 7)

Guide / Toolkit, Plan

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