2022 CUBE Conference, District Green Teams, and Student Leadership: The Haps at the GGI

GGI CEO, Jill Buck recently attended the 2022 CUBE conference with an expert panel to discuss school sustainability. From District Green Teams to student leadership, they discussed long-term solutions for issues such as environmental toxins and consumption of natural resources. 


Here is a snapshot of the discussion (click here to watch online!):

District Green Teams

The role of District Green Teams is to: 

  • Support individual schools in identifying opportunities to provide clean water, food, and air to students ensuring positive cognitive development. 
  • Provide resources to school sites to conserve water and energy and reduce waste
  • Find ways to lower costs and allocate savings to other school needs 

District Green Teams typically include critical district leaders, like School Business Administrator, Head of Facilities, School Nutrition Director, and representatives from each school site. Additionally, schools should have a building level Green Team as well – meaning everyone gets a say in school sustainability planning. 

Student Leadership 

GGI internships and the Local Leaders of the 21st Century© club give students a voice in local sustainability.

Through the GGI’s annual summer internship program:
  • High school & college students pursue high-impact projects in environmental policy and infrastructure.
  • Have a keen focus on supporting local outcomes in waste, water, energy, and food
  • Gain hands-on experience and industry skills in sustainability systems.
GGI’s Local Leaders of the 21st Century program:
  • Is a network of high school extracurricular clubs dedicated to advancing sustainability in their schools and communities. They work on similar projects to the internships.
  • With GGI guidance and mentorship, Local Leaders take action in community engagement, public policy, and advocacy leadership to address global environmental issues on a local scale.


Missed the CUBE conference and want to learn more about sustainability in schools? 

Join us from March 1st at the Green Schools Conference in New Orleans! Here we will talk more about: 

  • The importance of school sustainability
  • 5 strategies for Starting a Green Schools program