Staff Get-To-Know You: Jill Buck!

We want to highlight our amazing staff in our new get-to-know-you series!

Let’s start with Jill Buck, GGI’s founder and CEO!

Jill founded the Go Green Initiative in 2002 and has since worked along side its board members to provide sustainability opportunities to school districts around the country.

Why Environmentalism and Why GGI?

Jill decided she wanted to go into environmentalism after noticing the impact environmental pollutants have on children. She saw it in her kids and then continued to see it millions of kids and knew she needed to act on the issue.

Her favorite part of working at GGI is the people she works with.

Many of my Board members have been with me for years, I love our staff, and the people we work with in the districts we serve are amazing. I also love working with our partner organizations and sponsors. The opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people who are all working toward the same goals fills me with joy.

Green Project

Currently, Jill is working to help Pleasanton parents have their children tested for PFAS levels.

  • Due to water contamination in the area, residents should know individual levels of contamination
  • Jill hopes to make testing available for our most vulnerable group: our children

Along with this project, Jill continues to help fundraise for GGI, hosts the Go Green Radio every Friday, and handles day-to-day tasks!

Fun Facts!

  • Jill’s first job was with the United States Navy as a legal officer at the Fleet Training Center in San Diego!
  • Jill’s favorite animal is a wolf

“The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.” (Rudyard Kipling). Wolves both depend on their pack and give all they have to strengthen their pack, and I see that as a metaphor for the kind of teamwork I hope to foster within and around the GGI. I’d like for each person affiliated with the GGI to feel like they have a team behind them to bolster them in every way, and at the same time each person in the GGI family gives selflessly to their teammates and the group as whole to help them succeed.”

Stay tuned to meet the rest of our amazing team!