Transforming School Waste in Hayward: Tennyson Takes the Lead!

Hey Hayward Unified School District! We’re celebrating a huge milestone in our collective journey towards a greener today. Last year, Tennyson High School officially became the district’s pilot for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from waste! ♻️

Tennyson’s hallways, classrooms, quad, and lunchroom got a major upgrade – they’re now equipped with 3-bin systems to sort recycling, organics, and landfill waste. This means less trash going to landfills, more resources getting recycled, and a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Who deserves the biggest round of applause? You guessed it – Tennyson’s incredible student and staff Green Team!  Their dedication paved the way for this change that wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable partnership of the school’s custodians and the district’s facilities team.

But wait, there’s more – every school in Hayward Unified School District can make this change! We’re providing bins, direct funding to schools, personalized guidance, and training to help all HUSD schools reduce waste, comply with state laws, and create opportunities for climate literacy and student leadership.

California schools and universities produce a billion pounds of waste each year and most of it is material that could be recycled or composted. So, Hayward Unified staff, students, and supporters, are you ready to get started? Reach out to the Go Green Initiative team and let’s get sorting!

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Want to learn more about the Go Green Initiative or share your school’s sustainability goals? Get in touch on the contact page! We’re always eager to hear your ideas and celebrate your successes.