First-Ever Local Leaders National Summit ’22

This past Saturday, on Feb. 26th, Local Leaders from across the nation, gathered together (via GoogleMeet), to participate in the first-ever Local Leaders of the 21st Century National Summit. 

Never have Local Leaders clubs met, learned with, and collaborated together in this way. 

All Local Leaders clubs, and even some that are not yet officially established, took part in this three part summit in which they: 

Local Leaders National Summit event flyer/invitation, showing both of the guest speakers: Zoe Reinecke (Global Development Lab) and Alondra Orn (Climate Action Lab). Along with topics that will be discussed: rapid prototyping, creating a project proposal, fundraising, keys to collaboration, creating engaging posts on climate action, public policy, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Image also includes the date of the event: Feb. 26th, 2022 and Google Meet information. Additional images that are shown represent our 5 Core Areas of Interest: Food (different fruits and vegetables on a table), Water (water fountains pouring out water), Air (a chemical plant with smoke rising in the air), Energy (solar panels), and Waste (person sorting through a pile of garbage).

Local Leaders National Summit Event Flyer/Invitation

  1. Heard from two guest speakers:
  • Zoe Reinecke: Currently a Harvard graduate student and former member of UCLA’s global Development Lab. Zoe spoke on how to conduct rapid prototyping, create a project proposal, to present to high level individuals and to fundraise, as well as tips on group collaboration.
  • Alondra Orn: Currently the Executive Creative Director for Climate Action LAb, an LA based, online social media organization that creates Climate Action and public policy related content. Alondra spoke on how to advocate for public policy, environmental justice, and sustainability on social media in terms of creating engaging and creative posts. In addition she discussed her experience working LA’s water district services department and using GIS technology.

2. Participated in group discussion, in which each club introduced themselves and reported on their group progress, impediments, goals, and how best to improve Local Leaders. 

3. Engaged in group collaborative exercise, in which they worked on a real-world scenario from the 5 core areas of interest (Food, Waste, Water, Air, and Energy), to then use their newfound knowledge of rapid prototyping to come up with policy related solutions. 

Although far from perfect, our first-ever Local Leaders National Summit provided much needed training, discussion, practice, and leadership building to our club members. 

These summits will occur on a regular basis and become a service standard so that our Local Leaders truly become leaders in Sustainability and Climate Action related Public Policy. 

Hear From Our Local Leaders

“The summit helped our local leaders club because we introduced this club in our school a few months ago and seeing other teenagers just like us brainstorm ideas encouraged us to improve upon our project.”

Whelmina, Local Leaders Junior 

My favorite part of the summit was hearing from the 2 guest speakers on the importance of creating project proposal plans and the benefits of social media utilization. At Foothill, we especially wanted to hear some useful strategies on how to effectively update our recycling and waste city project plan, as well as how to increase member engagement through various social media platforms. Both presentations were very informative and will surely help us improve our club leadership and activities.

Hira, Local Leaders Seniors