Back to School! Green Teams Build Community on Campus

As the new school year begins we would like to look back at Green Teams in Pleasanton Unified School District that took additional action to incorporate environmental and climate work into their campus communities. GGI would like to take the time to thank Mohr Elementary, Lydiksen Elementary, and Donlon Elementary green teams for taking action on their campus to boost engagement and implement change. While congratulating the teams we also wanted to highlight some of the campus-wide activities they put together. Go Green Initiative looks forward to working with schools again to accomplish our goals of sustainability on each campus. We hope to replicate and implement some of these activities in all the schools in Pleasanton this year!

In April, the Go Green Initiative issued an Earth Month challenge for the schools in the Pleasanton Unified School District. Every school green team who completed at least five activities from our bingo challenge was eligible for additional funding for their team! All three schools earned $200 and a GGI Earth Month certificate. Below we are highlighting those schools and all they accomplished during this month!

Members of the Mohr Green Team receiving their GGI Earth Month certificate.

Members of the Donlon Green Team receiving their GGI Earth Month Certificate.

Lydiksen Elementary School

Lydiksen Elementary Green Team donated clothes, which they also do 5-6 times a year. Promoting the reusing and upcycling of usable clothing. They held a reusable water bottle day, handing out stickers for students to place on their bottles. The Green Team came together to create Earth Month posters to put around their campus, encouraging other students to participate in different ways. Lastly, the students were able to participate in an Earth Month scavenger hunt around their campus.

Lydiksen Green Team creating Earth Month awareness posters.

Lydiksen students participating in Reusable Water Bottle day.

Mohr Elementary School

Mohr Green Team put together a unique Bike and Pedestrian Safety Rodeo, emphasizing the importance of walking and/or riding to school safely. The green team held a reusable water bottle day, while also providing water bottles to students who did not have one. The campus held a multi-day campus clean up, where classes took turns picking up litter and keeping track of what they found.

Reusable water bottles Mohr Green Team handed out to students.

Mohr students participating in Bike and Pedestrian Safety Rodeo.

Donlon Elementary School

Donlon Green Team was fully engaged in spreading awareness. Holding a reusable water bottle day, some students on the green team also came together to purchase reusable bottles and added messages with environmental facts to raffle off. The green team held a campus clean-up, where students were able to use grabbers to collect litter from around their campus. Students were also trained to serve as voluntary bin monitors, so they are able to guide their peers on proper waste sorting and preventing contamination during lunch.

Donlon students taking part in the campus clean up.

Reusable water bottle day at Donlon.

Looking forward to this school year!

As the school year begins we look forward to be able to highlight all the fun and informative activities held on our PUSD campuses. We hope these activities and pictures encourage more engagement through each campus and community. 

Feel free to explore if you want to learn more about what we do and ways you can help!