GGI by the Numbers: 2021 Year in Review

Annual ReportDespite the pandemic and other hurdles 2021 presented, the Go Green Initiative has seen substantial growth within our own team and certified school districts. We recently launched our 2021 Annual Report with a year in review.

GGI President, Edward Piñero shares,

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we have taken this opportunity to refine our focus and enhance our strategic plan…. We have remained laser-focused on our reason for existence. Whatever the issue, be it climate change, water challenges, handling waste materials, or energy security, we must tackle it [with schools and] the upcoming generations of leaders.”


Creating Eco-Friendly Environments in Schools

We have stayed true to our promise to protect children from environmental harm by partnering with schools across the nation. Our free services and education to provide clean air, water, energy and food are teaching our partnered schools how to create the healthiest, most eco-friendly environment for their students.

GGI meets with Camden

Our District Services:

This year, 100k students were served in Tier 1 Districts and 2.5m students were represented in GGI registered schools.

District highlights include:

  • NJ:  all 68 schools in Newark Board of Education + all 17 schools in Camden City School District Applied for Silver Certification with Sustainable Jersey for Schools
  • CA:  Tackling SB 1383, Compton Unified School District formed a District Green Team tackling solid waste reduction. Pleasanton Unified School District re-established their school-site Green Teams.
  • PA:  For 6 years, Chester Upland School District continued to achieve success with community-based programs for promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


Student Initiatives Give Back to GGI District Communities

At GGI, we believe in supporting and building the next generation of environmental leaders, and offer student programs to increase education and interest in protecting the environment.

Local Leaders of the 21st Century© student member from Foothill High School, Hira, shares:

“Being in Local Leaders has taught me so much more than I have ever known about rising environmental issues including waste contamination and water pollution, but I have also gained lifelong leadership skills.”


Our Internship programs:

  • 66 student interns
  • logged over 4,280 hours of work
  • received $55k in intern salaries and scholarships
  • 6 cities: Pleasanton, Compton, Hayward, Madera, and Oakland, California, along with Mendota, Illinois were represented

Growing our Organization

In the year 2021, the Go Green Initiative has made a big impact on schools and their students across the nation. GGI is proud and grateful to be able to work with various donors supporting our cause:

55% of all donations were from corporate donors

35% from government donations

5% from foundations

3% from individual donors

2% from other donations

Roughly 90% of our funding goes directly to school and student programs. Thank you to our donors for making this possible!


Click here to read the full report: Annual Report 2021.

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