A Deep Dive: The Local Leaders of the 21st Century©

What is the Local Leaders Club? 

The Go Green Initiative’s Local Leaders of the 21st Century© program is a network of high school extracurricular clubs dedicated to advancing sustainability in their schools and communities.

With GGI guidance and mentorship, Local Leaders take action in community engagement, public policy, and advocacy leadership to address global environmental issues on a local scale.

What Have They Worked On? 

Pleasanton Local Leaders have worked on many projects over the years. Here are a few: 

  1. Make a Difference Festival in Pleasanton: Amador Valley and Foothill Local Leaders represented GGI at the Make a Difference Festival in Pleasanton spreading our mission to countless ambitious youth eager to take action in our community.
  2. Partnering with Center for Environmental Health: Foothill Local Leaders has partnered with the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) to work alongside the Pleasanton community and foster more environmentally friendly approaches to their daily lives.
  3. Speaking to Pleasanton City Council about environmentalism: Local Leaders have gone to their city offices to discuss environmental plans of change within their community.  
  4. Educating their community on proper waste reduction and recycling: Local Leaders work with their school Green Teams to educate people on the importance of recycling and ways to recycle correctly.

Words From our Local Leaders 


“Working alongside my peers in this club, I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to reach out into my own community, conversing on local environmental issues and the corresponding actions that we as a city would take. I built my social and interpersonal skills through talking with the city council, through educating younger students, and initiating dialogue with people in various focus groups.


“Local Leaders has also helped me immensely with my leadership skills. I’ve honed my ability to make decisions and guide others toward success.” 


“I’ve found incredible avenues to environmentalism that make me eager to continue this work in college and beyond.”


“Being part of the Go Green Initiative experience is something that really changed and shaped my life as far as not only helping me get into a school like MIT but really shaping what I wanted to do with my interests and how I want to plan my future. Especially going into environmental engineering. GGI has been one of the most impactful things in my life at this point and I’m really grateful and appreciative to everyone in this community.”