Come Join Us! Official Screening of “Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton”

Flyer Reads "Join us for the screening of 'Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton,' a documentary film by Pleasanton students 4/21 at the Firehouse Art Theater"

Hometown Water: The Event of the Year


The Go Green Initiative is proud to announce the event of the year: please join us for the official screening of “Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton.”

You may be wondering – a documentary about water, how interesting can it be? Let me assure you, watching this documentary stirs up more excitement and anticipation than a Foothill v. Amador Football game. 

Not only is it exciting, but your attendance assures the support of a wonderful program. 

Local Leaders of the 21st Century is a program that is run by the Go Green Initiative,(first launching at Amador Valley High School in 2016), with the goal of engaging high school students in


  • Job Training and Career Readiness in Sustainability
  • Civic Engagement and Social Justice Advocacy 
  • Leadership Building
  • Public Policy Networking, Training, and Practice 


However, what started off as a small club has grown into a citywide, student led organization that is so driven, our Amador and Foothill Local Leaders have even been tasked with helping the City of Pleasanton execute their Climate Action plan

This documentary serves as an accumulation of years of hard work and perseverance of our Local Leaders even through the toughest of times, like with the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

With your attendance, we may celebrate our Local Leaders achievements, while also learning more about Pleasanton’s water situation, which is being heavily impacted by Climate Change.

The only way to prepare for Climate Change is to get educated and take Climate Action now! 

Let our Amador and Foothill Local Leaders show you how you may take Climate Action now, with something as simple as the water you rely on in your everyday life. 

As if supporting a student produced film wasn’t reason enough to attend, stick around after the screening to get all your water related questions answered by our Q & A panel members from Zone 7 Water

Image reads: "Thursday, 4/21 at 7:00pm, Register, QR CODE, Admission is free."

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The screening of “Hometown Water: The Lifeline of Pleasanton,” will take place on April 21st, 7:00pm at the Firehouse Art Theater

For more details on the event, please REGISTER here.