Teacher Resource on Renewable Energy

Please share this information with K-12 teachers. We have created a fun, science-based 5 minute video using teen actors that explains where renewable energy comes from, how it creates electricity, and why it is beneficial to the environment. The video is appropriate for kids from kindergarten through high school, and is available to anyone with internet access on YouTube.

The idea behind making this video was to both entertain and educate kids. There are plenty of videos out there that use graphics or older actors to explain renewable energy to kids, but we wanted to make a video that used live action and fun, teen actors to make the topic more relatable. We used information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s section on renewable energy for all the science in the video, and we hope educators across the U.S. will find this a helpful resource.

You will see live-action, drone footage of geothermal; solar; energy from waste; hydroelectric; and wind plants. You can also see behind-the-scenes pictures here.